The Silence of the Sandcastles

YEAR: 2017
POSITION: Designer
ENGINE: Unity 5

Meet Marlene the Marlin.

She's a fun-loving fish who loves splashing around on the ocean waves

Recently, Marlene has noticed that pesky humans have been building Sandcastles all over her island.

Swipe the touchscreen to help Marlene leap into the air and help her knock over the Sandcastle!

The job won't be done until 100% of the sandcastle is at the ocean floor!


PLATFORMS: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android
GAME TYPE: Physics Based Puzzle Game
PLAYERS: 1-Payer
CONTROLS: Touch Input/Mouse

Making MARLIN FLIP - Global Game Jam 2017

During January 2017, I attended a local community event: the Melbourne site for the international Global Game Jam.

For the uninitiated, a Game Jam is a not-for-profit event where game developers work rapidly to make a short and sweet game, usually within a time limit

Two friends and myself had 48 hours to make a game, and the only direction we had was the theme of 'Waves'. We eventually honed in on an idea where a Swordfish would launch itself from the waves of the ocean and skewer something on it's long nose.

After a few adjustments, we changed to 'Swordfish' to 'Marlin', giving us the added benefits of a female protagonist and alliteration for 'Marlene the Marlin'.

Similarly, the destruction of a sandcastle allowed us to elegantly provide exciting, non-violent gameplay, while also remaining thematically in line with 'oceans', 'beaches' and 'waves'.


We're quite proud of our collective effort on Marlin Flip. Our decision to make a small, succinct game paid off, as we - uncharacteristically - had ample time to polish and refine the style and feel of the product.

It's commonly said that Game Jams provide a great opportunity for individuals to improve their game-dev practices. This was certainly no exception for me, and because of this, I think I'll always look back fondly on this fishy little project. 

For more information on the GLOBAL GAME JAM event, or any of my fellow developers, follow the links provided:

GAME ART:  Gabby Niceforo
GAME PROGRAMMING: Patrick Ferguson  Twitter @DevPatF
GAME AUDIO & MUSIC: Abby Phillips Twiter @Abbysynth