A great eye watches you...

YEAR: 2015
ENGINE: Unity 5

Red Eye Wrath is a game that experiments with the concept of flow. 

In this abstract game, the player pilots a spacecraft through an endless corridor, dodging obstacles and chasing the giant 'Red Eye'. 

However, in the interest of 'maintaining a state of flow', if the player collided with an obstacle, they wouldn't die. Instead, the music would "glitch" and a a jarring noise would ring out, thereby breaking their auditory flow.

I wanted to make sure players felt like they'd lost something when their flow was disrupted. To make it more 'personal', I added a feature where players could add their own music to the playlist. This way, when they accidentally hit an object, they'd miss a few seconds of their favourite song - something that no-one really wants to experience.



GAME TYPE: Endless Corridor; Artistic Experience
PLAYERS: 1-Player (PC)
CONTROLS: 360 Controller or Keyboard