Arrrgh, Me Hearties! Those little prisoner fellows are falling from the Airships! Better fly ye’ vessel out there and catch ‘em!”
— Captain Bigwind

YEAR: 2015
POSITION: Project Lead; Design Lead
ENGINE: Unity 5

Scourge is a fun multiplayer 'couch game', that uses virtual physics and player vs player interaction as it core gameplay feature. 

Players each fly a Steampunk Airship around a detailed Sky-World. Their objective is to catch falling passengers as they're ejected from a floating fortress. 

If the player successfully catches the passengers on the deck of their Airship, they can then take them back to a Team Base to score points and eventually win. 

However, it's never that easy when 3 other players on your tail. Throw in a handful of crazy weapons and some cool physics behaviours, and before long you have maelstrom of memorable mayhem! 




GAME TYPE: Competitive Party Game
PLAYERS: Local Multiplayer; 4-player (PC)
CONTROLS: XBox360 Controller (per Player)

Making Scourge:

Scourge was the Major Portfolio production for myself and five of my fellow students at AIE. I pitched a game idea that I had previously worked on- a prototype called Storms. The idea was popular, as the concept had good visual appeal and game-play potential. We christened the new project Scourge of the Skies.

With a team of six, and a development cycle three times as long as the prototype, we were able to give the game a complete overhaul. Scourge now has new art, improved physics a more succinct control scheme than the original prototype. 

During the later stages of development, we entered the game some local competitions, and we were fortunate enough to win a place at the GCAP conference (Game Connect Asia Pacific). This was a fantastic opportunity for us, as we received valuable industry feedback and had a chance to meet other aspiring game devs. 

We finally wrapped up development on Scourge in November 2015. We worked hard on making this the best Airship game we could, and we're proud with how it turned out.