YEAR: 2016
ENGINE: Unity 5

On this particular day, I was thoroughly out of my comfort zone; trying to make art assets.

Normally I'd ask a 'game artist' friend to help we whip up a simple sand texture, but my internet was down, and I was too impatient to just wait.

Instead, I took my own crash course in perlin noise, and ended up with the texture you see here. Keen to see how it would look in-engine, I created this simple scene.

After making the Ocean Cinematic for Grandma, I was keen to have another go at applying all that cinematography I'd studied in a game environment.

Specifically, I was inspired to add the 'speed up time' function after playing the cinematic Grand Theft Auto 5, where I noticed a similar technique was used to mask loading sequences.

Much to my embarrassment, I find myself constantly explaining that the little green orbs aren't actually meant to 'be' anything. They're there to exemplify the change in perceived speed, and how time is effected when the player clicks into the scene. 

While the Time Lapse scene wont be breaking any new records, I'm still reasonably happy with how it feels. I got a chance to learn some new artistic skills, and I think the 'speed up time' technique is a great little trick I can add to my metaphorical game-design toolkit. 



GAME TYPE: Artistic Experience; Tech Demo
PLAYERS: 1-Player (PC / MAC / Android)
CONTROLS: Mouse or Touch Input